Commercial OCTCET 35 diesel fuel performance enhancer

Commercial solar street lights

Commercial solar panels

Wind turbine installations, up to 2.5MW per tower

Commercial D2 low sulfur diesel broker(Large quantity only)

Water Treatment (Industrial, Marine, Agricultural, Municipal)

Reforestation via non-invasive drought tolerance solutions

Commercial Compost-to-Energy solutions

Geothermal energy solutions

Tim Walton, Shipping & Logistics Expert, WillPower West, LLC

Shipping and Logistics throughout the globe, specializing in the Caribbean for over 25 years.

Ramon Palacios, Legal Advisor, EcoSOL Panama, S.A.

Governmental Legal Energy Expert.

Provides governmental interface and corporate strategy direction.

Ricardo Palacios, Vice President Sales and Marketing, EcoSOL Panama, S.A.

Strategic Planner for National Marketing and Expansion

Channel Partner Leader

Peter Nicholson, Electrical Contractor, Hollywood, FL

Performs specialized construction work related to the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems.

Zoot Byrne, Ph.D, Zoot Aloors Inc.

International Lighting Consultant

Project Management

LED Lighting Expertise

Jeff Horn, Telecom, Maritime Communications Group

ISPF(International Ship & Port Facilities (Security Protocol\Code)


Radio via IP(Internet Protocol) or Radio Tower

Marine Telecommunications

Kent Schmidt, Information Technology, VariTek Solutions, Inc.

Virtual Office

Cloud Computing, SaaS, NAS, SAN

Telecommunication/Network Engineer, VoIP, LAN, WAN, VPN

Web Design

Dave Butler-Jones, Environmental Remediation Expert, Starboard Petroleum Services

Environmental Cleanup

Tank Clean-out Services

Emergency Spill Response

Environmental Remediation

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Industrial Cleaning Services

Palm Beach, Florida

Cloverdale, California
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